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Supermomís Simple Guide to Healthier Eating for Beginners and Beyond
Supermomís Simple Guide to Healthier Eating for Beginners and Beyond

"I know I should be eating healthier, but I don't know where to begin!"

"A healthier diet would be nice, but my husband and kids will never go for it."

"Healthy food doesn't taste good."

Have you ever had any of these thoughts? Many people do! Incorporating healthful habits is important for all of us, but it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, all the while wondering whether or not we're going to like the taste.

In her long-anticipated first book, "Supermom" Erica Johns shares her philosophy of taking realistic baby steps toward your healthy eating goals, rather than burning yourself out on extreme health plans.

Erica shares tons of easy ways to take baby steps with your diet, making healthy changes that won't taste weird, require unusual cooking equipment, or cost a fortune.

This first book in Supermom's Healthier Eating series includes information and ideas for healthier





-ingredients and principles for healthier eating

Plus many recipes to help you eat healthier without a hassle!

You will enjoy Erica's family-favorite recipes such as

-Supermom's Healthy Lemonade that tastes GREAT even though it has NO sugar!

-Whole Wheat Pancakes and Waffles that are ready in a jiffy

-Quick and Easy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

-Fun and tempting ways to serve fresh fruits and vegetables that will even have your kids clamoring for more

-Simple and delicious recipes for beans that any family will love!

-A scrumptious fat-free alternative to canned cream soups that will knock your socks off!

-and LOTS more!

Your purchase of this ebook also includes an exclusive membership to Erica's special newsletter so that you can get FREE UPGRADES to this book any time there are new recipes, corrections, or when a revised version comes out! Your one-time purchase of this book will allow you to always have the most recent edition of the book...forever!

This 82 page ebook will give you a great starting point for establishing healthier eating habits that you and your family can maintain for the long run.

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What people are saying about the book:

You have put together alot of great information, simple to understand and a great start for people who don't know where to start!

I love it! I think it is a real gift to moms who want to eat well but who do not know how to start. You provide room for baby-step and baby-changes. I like your conversational style. It's like having a cup of tea with you at the kitchen table and then learning from your experience and research. It's refreshing coming from a mom too. I like the little Supermom hints scattered throughout the book.

As someone who talks and breathes healthy eating much of the time, I had a wonderful time reading the book. I nodded my head much of the time (preach it, sister! Amen!) and I learned a few new things too!

You managed to pack in a lot of gems in the book!

Dear Erica,

Thank you so much for writing the healthy eating book and salad book! Wow! I downloaded them on Sunday morning, and my husband had to come in and remind me to shower so we wouldn't be late for church. I couldn't stop reading.

I have been studying health for the past six years or so. I go "on and off" with my new "good" habits. This is just what I needed to get me jumpstarted. Everything you have written has been basically what I've learned these past years, and also some new "stuff". I am very grateful for your style of writing and the simple way in which you encourage your readers to try baby steps. I did just that. My weeks' meals were planned around some of your recipes. The family loves them! Thank you, Thank you!

I feel like I can do this now. I really want to stick with it and continue making daily healthy choices for me and my family. Thank you for your encouraging attitude and your honesty.

A grateful customer,



I wanted to tell you that your books are a Godsend!!!

I've just started reading your healthier eating book, and I can tell already that it is a going to be a huge blessing to me. I've been agonizing and obsessing over how to make healthier breakfasts for the youth breakfast that I host each week, and you have solved my problem, answered many questions. You have put together in a concise and understandable format the information I need to get started on totally revamping what I've been doing.

Some of these things I already knew or have stashed away somewhere on numerous pieces of paper stuck inside numerous cookbooks or folders that are who-knows-where. But you have put it all at my fingertips. And it is written in such a conversational manner--I don't feel overwhelmed with too much information at one time.

I plan on using your books as part of a "Practical Living Skills" class for my high school aged son some day to teach him about what it really means to have a healthy diet.


God bless you!


I love the book and the way you broke it down into do-able pieces for reading, learning and using.

Although there were some things I wasn't aware of, for the most part these principles have been familiar to me for a long time but were put together in a very easy to read style. You were also to able to point out the very important nugget that making small changes can really make a difference.

Although I love fruits and salads, I have irritable bowel syndrome and these foods can be very difficult for me to tolerate. I tried a couple of the recipes and decided to start making salads for everyone else even if I couldn't eat it myself. I started eating small amounts of the beautiful salads I was making and now am able to eat salad several times a week.

For the sake of others in my home I started making a fruit bowl as well and started with small amounts. I am now able to eat fruit almost every day. It's ready in the fridge in a clear bowl so you can't miss it!

I also joined a local food coop that has organic foods and was pleased to find some great yogurt cheaper than in the grocery store and with a plastic seal instead of foil. I have recently done some reading that suggests a connection between aluminum and dementia so I have been trying to look for products that don't have aluminum and found that most yogurt does. So, I was doubly pleased to find this yogurt.

My husband and I used to have a bowl of ice cream most evenings. Well, now I bring him a bowl of fruit or some yogurt or popcorn that I've made with olive oil and a small amount of butter. I went to the doctor today and found that since I saw her 2 months ago I have lost 10 pounds. As you pointed out in your books, it CAN be painless to lose weight. Thanks Super Mom for the inspiration to make small changes!


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